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I have a Triton TX8500i in my downstairs washroom. Shower flow

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I have a Triton TX8500i in my downstairs washroom. Shower flow from it is terrible, yet I need my shower to work effectively before commissioning a bathroom refit in my main bathroom (upstairs).
Not sure 1. if this shower is a Power Shower or simple, heating Electric Shower?
2. If it is simple electric shower, what could be the cause of issue? Limescale? If so, how do I clean / clear this?
3. I have a horrible old style Baxi- boiler central heating system, so irregular / limited supply of hot water throughout the day. Is it possible to fit an Electric POWER shower to the fitting currently occupied by Triton TX8500i?
Appreciate any help or feedback
Hi , its an electric shower. You can confirm this by taking off the front case. There will be only one inlet pipe.The shower flow problem is most likely a scaled up heater can .Parts can be bought for it even though this model is no longer made.they can be bought here it may be worth considering replacing with a new model weighing up costs. This shower is 8.5 kw, so to avoid upgrading cable and fuse ,it may be worth keeping to that output.Any electric shower would replace it , however the triton t80z is a universal fitWould you please mind rating your answer , thanks
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Many Thanks Plumberpro. Final questions before I rate the answer. Would a higher KW model improve flow or simply speed the heat? Also, is there a way of measuring power from cable that might identify a higher than 8.5kw capacity that would enable me to get better model without having to fit new cable?
Hi , yes a higher kilowatt rating would improve the is a table for cable size
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