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I have a vaillant Ecotec 630 boiler that seems to be

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I have a vaillant Ecotec 630 boiler that seems to be constantly heating the water, even though the timing is set to set hours and the heating is off.
The water tank is red hot!!
Any ideas?

Hi,either the tank thermostat is faulty or the hot water motorised valve is stuck. The thermostat should make a click sound when turned completely up then down.

The motorised valve has a spring lever that should be closed/stiff when hot water is off

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The tank is un-vented and one of the valves is releasing water into a pipe with an open section. The pipe is constantly discharging outside the property. Is this related to the boiler constantly heating the water?

Hi, yes this is one of the safety valves opening due to either a failed pressure reducing valve a failed hot water temperature sensor..

If the 3water being released is hot then it is most likely the hot water tank temperature thermostat. If the water is cold it is most likely the pressure vessel is flat (it may have an internal pressure vessel(on some megaflo)or faulty or the pressure reducing valve is faulty

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