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ELECTRICIAN question: If I am changing the pendant light in

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ELECTRICIAN question: If I am changing the pendant light in a bathroom to an enclosed light in a rental property let to tenants, do I need a qualified electrician to do the job? It is replacing the existing light for a new light.

Good evening,

Firstly it doesnt make any difference if the property is let or for personal use, unless you hold an HMO licence.

Any person is permitted to do any electrical work, the only requirement is for certain works if your not Part P certified (an electrician) to have building control notified.

The good news is changing sockets, switches and ceiling roses do not require notification to building control, however the works still must be performed to building regulation standards, which in summary means the replacement light should be enclosed (and out of reach of a wet surface) - which is what your suggesting, the only thing you may not have considered is the light switch needs to out of reach of a wet surface (eg outside of the bathroom, or a pull cord), and the lighting circuit must be protected by an RCD \ RCBO.

So providing these requirements are met, and the new light is fitted as per instructions, you can do the work yourself.

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