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I have a problem with a Euro lock where the door handle does

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I have a problem with a Euro lock where the door handle does not release the door, so I am not able to remove the lock. I suspect somebody may have been trying to break in, although, the lock did actually work for a couple of days following this incident. Fortunately the door had not been locked at the time of failure, so I assume it is only the latch that is holding the door, but how do I get the door to open.

Hi Martin, it rather depends on if all leavers on the door have failed or just one, does it feel as though the handle is loose when you pull down?

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Thank you for the response. My partner tried to enter via the unlocked door as normal, and her comment was that as she tried to open the door something felt as if it had broken within the mechanism, after which the handle just felt loose. I have removed the handles, although this does not help, but the bush with the square hole, just rotates freely for about 90 deg each way. I have drilled a hole through the door jamb on the inside, about 15mm above the handle line, with the hope that I would be able to push the latch bolt into the lock sufficiently for the door to open. It feels as if I am pressing on to a spring loaded item, but at the moment I don't seem to be able to get the latch far enough in for the door to open.
I also wonder what I may have to replace to cure the problem. As far as I can see, it appears that a replacement item probably includes the 5 locking bolts, so is getting rather complicated and expensive.
Thank you Martin

Hi Martin,

It sounds like the mechanism which takes the movement from the handle and transfers it to the leavers has snapped, they are made of pressed steel, so if someone was forcing the door they could break, its is a design floor as in a fire you are trapped, the locks on windows are even more feeble as they are often made from aluminium.

After removing the handle if the square hole is turning freely, your looking at a new door, and mechanism as you wont be able to access the broken mechanism without cutting a access hold or possibly two int the door to manually lift the leavers back into the door.

Since the leavers hook into the frame you cant even remove the door hinges, so I wouldnt worry about the mechanism as though that needs to be replaced it comes as a complete cartridge which fits in the door, you wont be able to access the mechanism without damaging the door,

If you send me a picture of the door I should be able to suggest where you need to drill the holes to manipulate the leaver mechanism.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Thank you for the E mail. I seems to me that I am stuck with getting a new door. Is this correct? I am not at the house at the moment, so can't take a photograph for a couple of days. We do have another door, so are not totally trapped, and as far as I can see manipulating the mechanism as you suggest will only be a temporary measure , and not allow the door to be opened and closed easily. Is this correct?

I am afraid you are correct - a new door is required.

Manipulating the mechanism is just to get the door open so you can replace it, it wouldnt be a viable (or safe) way to go about using the door day to day. The alternative is to break the door down which may damage the door frame and cause you additional work making good.

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