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JamesI, Developer
Category: Home Improvement
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Experience:  I have a portfolio of renovated houses, including DIY projects from installing bathrooms and new heating systems to rewiring.
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Dear Jamesl, I wish to connect a new light fitting, and sort

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Dear *****l ,I wish to connect a new light fitting, and sort the cables.
The old electrics are a bit of a mess.
I wish to blank off the the two light switches, {one above each other} and use the light switch at the door.
The cable which is hanging down is going to the ceiling rose , i think.
I think I need to get rid of the two switches and run a single cable 1.5 T and E to the ceiling rose. ( from one of the switches.) connector strip and thereafter blank it off.
Would I be right is saying then my switch at the door would also start to work.
before the light worked two ways . This meant you could switch the light on/off either at the door, or over where the two light switches are located .
The other light switch operated another ceiling light which has been discontinued . ( but live at the switch)
Hope i have not rattled on too much and confused the issue .

Hi Rizy, sorry for the delay in responding give me a few moments to look at the info provided.

The last picture is that the T+E for the ceiling rose?

You really need to identify what cables coming into the 2 sockets are what, your likely to have the ring main (2 lives/2 neutral) and a third wire which is going to the ceiling rose.

If the above is correct you need just terminate all the wires together making the ceiling rose cable live.

Then in the ceiling rose bring in your new T+E cable from the new light switch and wire it as per the diagram here (in your case you can discard the second light cable in the top right)

Come back to me if my assumption about your current wiring isnt correct.

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
The light switch at the door is an existing light switch . It already has T and E connected ..
Two switches at different locations operated the same ceiling light /rose .
Therefore will i still require to run a new cable from the switch at the door to the light ..
Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Presently it has a cable ..unsure if it goes to the light or the other switch ..

Ok you need to establish which cable connected to the old switches goes to the ceiling rose, which is a permanent live/part of the lighting circuit, and which goes to the door switch.

You can do this in continuity mode on a multi meter.

Hi Rizy, I havent heard back from you do you need anything further?

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Dear *****l ..i gave the job a fair amount if time and effort ..
Unfortunately could not get hold of a meter ..
Have instfucted a friend of mine who is an electrician to do the job on monday..
Normaly never beaten ..

Wiring circuits are often a pain, especially when your working on someone elses logic, I have never seen two lighting circuits the same.

Come back to me if your friend runs into any issues.

JamesI and other Home Improvement Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 months ago.
no worries thanks so much .. and you are right ...traced cables back which made no sense whatsoever ..
always at your service,R.