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We are having our garden fence replaced soon, and I wanted

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Hello We are having our garden fence replaced soon, and I wanted to know if we are allowed to attach our fencing rails to the neighbours concrete posts? Thanking you in anticipation. Lee Johnstone
Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Picture attached for clarification.

Good morning Lee,

The posts are owned by your neighbour, and as such your neighbour could chose to remove them and change them without notice, which could pose you an issue later on down the line.

There certainly isnt an issue using the posts providing your using the existing fixings / holes and not drilling into the posts as that could be deemed damage to property.

Your best option is to ask your neighbour if he has any issue with using the posts, if he does then fit your own and mount them a foot away from your neighbours, as with most things housing related getting neighbours on board will save alot of issues later on down the line should the posts need replaced or they want to swap them for something different.

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Thank you James. I have asked the neighbour and he says he's fine with that, quoting 'as long as you don't touch my fence', and I presume he means the rails and boards. He's a funny one and I do feel as though he has a bit of a nerve saying that, because when we went on holiday last year, he climbed on MY shed roof to trim one of our trees that was overhanging into his garden. I am fully aware of their rights in trimming neighbours trees, but to wait until I've gone away to do it is a little bit sneaky, and to effectively trespass on my property too! I'm just grateful that he didn't fall through the shed roof, as that could have opened up a whole new can of worms!

Yes, the challenge you will have is getting the bolts through the post without removing his panel may be a challenge but if he is aware your using his post I see no issue drilling into the post to secure your panels.

My guess would he is just nervous if you interfered with his panels your works could damage one or if it came lose he is then left with grief of putting it right.

With that said sounds like you save yourself a fair bit by using the same posts, and half the effort!

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
For the sake of a £100 or so, I'm going to site my own posts thus elevating any potential future problems! Thanks very much, but in chatting to you and speaking to him, I've kind of answered my own question.

No problem

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