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I bought a new build house in March 2018 with solar panels

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I bought a new build house in March 2018 with solar panels built in and registered with British Gas for the Feed In Tarriff (FiT) scheme, who after a year were not able to get my panels registered and I received no compensation. I have since moved to an energy supplier who doesn't support the FiT scheme but I was wondering how I could use the power generation to power my home directly (maybe via a battery installation) rather than feeding this energy back to the national grid

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The system should still be generating power for you to use (reducing your demand), is the meter not showing anything being generated, as the way it works is the meter measures all energy created, but if you have demand the energy created is used first before going to the grid.

So the question at the moment is why do you think the solar panels are not offsetting your energy demand?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I don't think the system is generating anything because my bills were always the same, they were never offset and meter readings were always about level. I would be paying the same if I didn't have solar panels

Ok I am confused though as you mentioned its a new house, so have you had a period where the solar panels were not installed when you moved in?

Does the FIT meter show any electric generation, and are you sure the isolation switch is not in the Off position?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No it is a new build which has always had the solar panels installed, but I've compared energy usage of other 4 bed houses without solar panels and the estimates are still the same. My actual monthly bill is not reduced either
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
My PV isolator is on and the reading is showing, but like I said, the usage and bills do not reflect any use of this generated power

Ok alot of it comes down to when you use your electric appliances as clearly you can only benefit from the savings if the energy is used as its generated (during the day).

Do you have a smart meter, as a easy way to see if the PV is working is to turn on the immersion for example which draws a high current look at the average draw from the grid over a minute or two, then turn off the PV via the isolation and see if the demand jumps.

Other than that its a case of getting the builder back in as clearly there is an issue with how its terminated, and this will be covered under the 2 year initial warranty period.

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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Awesome, thanks for the tips. I'll get the builder to investigate