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Best surveillance and alarm system

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Best surveillance and alarm system for home I'm considering putting in surveillance cameras on my property. The record when out. To allow accessing viewing via web. An alarm system and panic alarm connected to security services. What good system and what can I expect at what price range?

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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I'll wait thanks.

The property I'm thinking about is still in the sale & purchase process, to be completed in a month or so, I have time.


We will continue to look for a Professional to assist you.

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Hello, I’m Nathan, and I’ll be assisting you today. My livelihood depends on your positive feedback, so your satisfaction is my highest priority. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. There are a lot of variables here that make it difficult to give a specific answer. In general though, these will be 2 separate systems.The best surveillance system will consist of cameras in the desired areas which are hardwired (either coax or ethernet) back to a central DVR system which handles the recording (always on, timer based, or motion based) and can also be viewed remotely via computer/phone/tablet. A basic system with 4 cameras and a 500gb dvr would be under $500 for the equipment. Figure that much more for installation if having a pro out to wire everything. This price would scale up, so if you needed 8 cameras double it, and again for 16, etc. A security system is also highly variable. It depends if you want a monitored system or not. Typically if you contract with a monitoring company that will be paid a monthly fee for several years under a contract, they will provide the equipment. If you want to install your own and not have it monitored or use an off contract company, you'd be in the $1000 range for a basic system (panel, keypad, an assortment of wired or wireless sensors), plus installation. If you can tell me more about your specific needs, I can better recommend a solution for you. Nathan
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you for getting back.

As you mention monitored system hardware would be provided.

Therefore I would like your advise in non-monitored.

I would like two external cameras (front and back of the house).

Maybe another 2-3 within the house.

And an alarm system, integrated to run with the cameras if possible.

I'm buying a new house and I heard that the neighbouring areas have a high rate of burglary so I would like to put some security in place.

The cameras are to be on 24 hours on motion sensors.

I would like to view the cameras via a phone connection or mobile.

If the alarm triggers then I would like to be alerted via my mobile or device.

Not sure if all that will be possible....



Non monitored systems would still typically need some level of monitoring for you to get alerts or remotely view the state of the system, remotely arm/disarm, etc.There are lower cost options such as using a VOIP gateway type interface with a service such as alarm.comThis gives you some degree of remote access/monitoring for much less per month than a fully attended system.I'd look at the Honeywell or Elk branded systems. These are typically not a DIY job because of the wiring and programming needed, so you'd work with a local installer anyway. For cameras, for a homeowner grade system, I'd go with the Q-See systems. The only difficulty with these is that you need wired access from the camera to the dvr. This typically requires attic or crawlspace access to avoid having to tear open walls to run wiring.Wireless options are poor quality and unreliable. You can also set the cameras to trigger the alarm if they detect motion on a certain schedule, if power or a video feed is cut, etc.
p0llinate, Technician
Satisfied Customers: 28962
Experience: Home security and home automation systems expert
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