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can front Samsung speakers on bluray be changed to wirel

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can front Samsung speakers on bluray be changed to wireless

Nathan :

Hello, I’m Nathan, and I’ll be assisting you today. My livelihood depends on your positive feedback, so your satisfaction is my highest priority.


Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. We’ll get started chatting here. I am also sending you an offer so you can reach me directly me by phone if preferred. Feel free to ignore it for now, it will be available to you at any time if you need to get more help after our chat.

Nathan :

Most likely, no.

Nathan :

But if you can let me know the model number of the samsung system, I can confirm for you.

Nathan :

In general though, the bluray/home theater systems will have wired front speakers and wireless rear/sub. If they are currently wired, there is not a way to change the system to wireless, with the equipment you already have.

Nathan :

It may be possible to add some external equipment to make this happen, but it would involve having to purchase a wireless transmitter to connect to the bluray/theater system, as well as external amplifier(s)/receivers that would then power the speakers at the front, so there would still be wires from that amp to the speakers, including electrical.

Nathan :

Hi there, I see you've left a negative rating for me, though I haven't heard back from you at all. Rating me poorly won't fix the problem, or affect your payment. It isn't communicated with the maker of your product, or this site. I'm sorry if this is not the answer you were hoping for, but I can't provide much information without even knowing a model number.


Rather a negative rating only serves to harm my professional reputation, and is effectively blaming me for your hardware problem. This is extremely unfair to me, when I've spent my personal time, unpaid, in a good faith effort to assist with the question for which you solicited my services.


I would greatly appreciate if you'd be kind enough to at least give me the courtesy of a reply so that we may communicate further, and give me a reasonable chance to resolve this issue for you.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

model ht e4500 blu ray dvd surround

Thank you for the information John,

This model is a wired only system. It has no capability using the internal equipment to make it wireless.

As I mentioned earlier, it would be possible to do so with external equipment. You would need to buy a transmitter to connect to the bluray receiver, and an amplifier/receiver for the front speakers.

These will run you about $200-300 for the package. I can recommend some specific items for you if you'd like. But I'll advise you up front that the wireless systems on the market don't sound great, and usually don't last long either. You'd be better off finding a way to make the wired system work in your space, or buying a different system that is purpose built to be wireless.

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