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Aric, Technician
Category: Home Cinema System
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Experience:  15+ years in the field. Owner of AV Installation, OEM and Repair company
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I have a Denon AVR-X2000 and the centre speaker keeps cutting

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I have a Denon AVR-X2000 and the centre speaker keeps cutting out. I can get it back on by turning up the volume (master volume for all channels) then it clears itself, but will happen again later.
Hello and sorry you're having problems. In order to assist you, I need to ask you for more information.
1) Can you please tell me how often the Center Channel cuts out?
2) Does it cut out with all sources (DVD, Cable, CD, etc.)?
3) Also, how log have you owned the receiver for and when did the problem occur?
4) Have you tried disconnecting the receiver from power as a reset?
5) Have you also tried connecting another speaker to the center output as a test to see if the problem still occurs?
6) Have you tried resetting the processor of the receiver yet?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
1) the centre speaker cuts out on average I would say every 30 mins - that is an average sometimes it's 4 times in 10 mins
2) it happens when using Denon CBL/SAT Chanel - so basically when watching cable TV
3) I've owned the receiver about 9 months and problem started about 2 months ago, but is getting worse
4) I have not tried dis one ting receiver - I will try that
5) Speaker is not the problem
6) I did some reading and have tried resetting the Microprocessor but with ZERO success. I must have tried 20 times - Turn off the push Power and 2 buttons next to it together, but I can't get system to flash (as its meant to). It just goes back to normal - So I'm at a loss in this regard
Hope that helps
Thanks for the reply Mike.
I would try another source- since the Cbl/SAT being the ONLY source- could be causing the issue. It could be the audio processing in the box, or the HDMI cable- try another source to rule that out.
Additionally, it looks like you're still under warranty, so this is good news if we find the receiver is the culprit.
Also do try disconnecting the receiver from power. Regarding the processor reset, unplug it from power before each attempt and see if that works.
Regarding trying another speaker- try it. A fault, or intermittent voice coil in the woofer can cause this exact problem. Swap the center speaker (and wiring), with one of the left or right front channels JUST to see if the problem is still there. Even though you may assume the speaker or wiring is just fine- that is not a conclusive test without swapping the speaker.
Once you've tried ALL of these things, and have concluded that the receiver IS in fact that root cause of the problem, then you would need to contact Denon and setup a repair ticket on the unit to have it fixed under warranty.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Forgot to mention before that once I have the volume up above 45 then I don't get the problem
I saw that when you raised the volume it kicked back on. That doesn't conclude what's causing the problem. I've seen bad digital input connections kick back in when the volume is raised. I've also seen woofers with a bad spot on the voice coil winding, and when the volume is raised, they start working fine.
You would really need to follow all of the steps above to determine what's causing it- this is proper troubleshooting.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I live in Singapore and its 10pm here so I will go through it step by step tomorrow and let you know how it works out - just for reference I use Dali speakers and the centre speaker is a DALI MOTIF LCR
Thank you. The make and model of the speakers doesn't really help us troubleshoot, but try those steps when able, and simply reply back.
NOTE: You can follow up at any time even once you've rated the service I've provided.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Dear Aric

Sorry this has taken a day longer than expected but its all just a lot of cables to me.

Anyway after turning the mains power off (I think it was 4 times) and trying to reset the system, it finally worked and I got the flashing I was looking for.

However when I started the system up the centre speaker worked (for about 3 hours), but the left front speaker did not work.

I reset again and got all the speakers working (for about 10 minutes) then the left speaker died again, then the centre speaker - I did this a number of times and got a variety of "not working" combinations.

Basically the Denon receiver was in need of new parts and Denon have taken it back (when I see it again is anyone's guess, but that is a problem of living in a small country).

That all aside, thanks for your help and I will now rate your service in the positive manner it deserves.



Hi,m I was following up to see if there was anything further you needed with this problem please?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Denon replaced the unit with a new one (newer model), which worked perfectly straight out of the box (but so did the last one) - I just hope the build quality is better.

Nice to be able to hear all the speakers again.



I'm glad to hear that Mike, and hope it works out as well.