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Aric, Technician
Category: Home Cinema System
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Onkyo sr876 only puts a blue screen out via HDMI cannot see

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onkyo sr876 only puts a blue screen out via HDMI cannot see setup or anything on the screen sound works fine. changed the HDMI cables no change cannot get any picture using other outs than HDMI. Any ideas machine a few years old never had a problem before.
Hello and sorry you're having problems.
Offhand, this could be a fault in the HDMI Out of the Onkyo which is not uncommon, or it could be an issue with the TV's HDMI Input.
The analog outs won't work when input is made via HDMI from the sources (DVD, cable box, etc.), so this is why you aren't seeing an image using those.
So, the first thing you want to do is connect one of the sources directly to the TV via HDMI and see if it displays. This rules whether the TV or the Onkyo is the root cause of the problem.
Let me know what you find and we can proceed.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

ok not sure if that worked did you get my last answer?

No, this is the only post from you besides the initial question. Can you please post the results of connecting a source directly to the TV?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Yes the TV was fine I have used it with several other HDMI inputs Sky box direct PC direct etc.

Okay, so the TV is not the cause of the problem and it's actually the Onkyo receiver itself.
Unfortunately, there's only one procedure you can try that MAY correct this issue, and beyond that the receiver would require repairs- more specifically the Mainboard would need to be swapped out through Onkyo Service- which is steep and in many cases, more cost effective to replace the receiver versus repairing it ($250 for a new Mainboard to be installed).
First unplug the receiver from power and plug it back in.
To reset the AV receiver to its factory defaults,
turn it on and, while holding down the [VCR/DVR]
button, press the [ON/STANDBY] button. “Clear”
will appear on the display and the AV receiver will
enter Standby mode.
If you need further assistance let me know. NOTE: Please do not forget to click a POSITIVE RATING before you go- as it's how I am credited for my work. You can follow up at any time, at no additional cost.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Ok well believe it or not the full reset has sort of worked thank you.

Using the main out sub I now have a picture and sound.