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Shahid, Customer Service
Category: Home Cinema System
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Experience:  I have been repairing Home Theater Systems as a qualified Sony tech
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Can you help with this one please? I just bought a used

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Hi ! can you help with this one please? I just bought a used US Pioneer Audio/AV amplifier (VSX7500S a 1990s unit) on e-Bay. Realising that this would need a voltage converter, I bought one from Amazon - a MicroconnectPetravel4C (with 2-pin, as I live in Spain). 45watt " step down" USA to Europe
After about half an hour the unit switched itself off and the converter was EXTREMELY hot, leading me to surmise that it was not really suitable for this type of instrument. Then, to make matters even worse, the Spanish hi-fi "expert" helping me set up tried connecting the unit to the mains via an ordinary adaptor. The unit switched on momentarily and then went out!
64 dollar question: Is the amplifier likely to be damaged now beyond help and /or in need of repair? (Just a fuse, hopefully?)
Secondly, can you recommend an appropriate converter? Another converter that I checked out on Amazon similar to the one I already have actually warns that it is not suitable for use beyond an hour! So possibly this also applied to one I bought?
Hello, I'm Shahid and sorry to know about AV Amplifier problem.VSX7500S power consumption is approx 550W and you need to get at least 500 Watt or more step down transformer (220V to 110V AC) to connect this AV amplifier to use all day long, 45 Watt is quite low power that can damage the transformer and AV amplifier. If AV amplifier doesn't switch On when connected to step down transformer then it would be fuse issue or may be output amp transistors shorted out, it needs to troubleshoot properly with multimeter by a handy person to figure out what went wrong.I can provide service manual copy if needed by local tech to repair the amplifier. I trust my input will help you out. Please feel free to respond if you have any additional questions.A positive rating to answer would be greatly appreciated, please click on smiley face/star on this page then click submit/finish button so I can get credit on website for my work.Regards,Shahid.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi Shahid -

Thank you for your prompt assistance,

It's possible this exchange of correspondence may go on for a bit...I'm not at all technical, and " stand little chance of finding an qualified expert in this area of Spain to help. However I do have contacts who will have some knowledge of basics electronics to help out.

when you refer to a "multimeter", is this something that can likely be purchased here and used in conjunction with a service manual ()is one available for this US model at this late stage?) and are the test findings likely to require parts that may no longer be available - or is it basically repair work with soldering etc?

As I mentioned in my first mail, my fear ir more that some damage was done by my Spanish neigbour attempting to switch on the machine via a normal power point adaptor, rather than the converter I purchased.

Incidentally, for some reason the JUST ANSWER system sometimes rejects my e-mail address as being owned by another customer ! I've reported this to their SUPPORT. My e-address is *****@******.*** - and your response obviously got throgh to me. so maybe the problem is sorted.

Over to you



Hi Colin,Question is open so please post any follow up question any time here and I'll happily reply it.Multimeter is an instrument that tech use to measure/ check volts, ohms/ resistance, continuity etc and would be available in nearest local electronics store around US$20-30As I mention in previous reply, it could be blown fuse or more complicated such as output shorted transistors and a handy/ qualified person can do this work who has basic electronics knowledge to figure out what is wrong in AV amplifier, I have schematics/ service manual copy that I can provide you when/ if required.Thanks.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thanks Shahid -

I am seriously considering sending the Pioneer Amp to the UK for repair. if necessary. Are you affiliated with a suitable company that would undertake the work? Or any recommendations?

Incidentally, I have another (later) model of the this A/V amp (VSX 9700S) which is also faulty. But that amp did not require a voltage converter because I believe Pioneer UK did the conversion for me from within when I purchased it in the 1990s, If I find someone to open up to inspect the 7500, is it worth checking to see if such a facility exists within this model - or is this inadvisable?



Colin, VSX9700S is different model, nearest match to VSX7500S is VSX9500S. I'm sorry about any recommendation as I'm not affiliated with any of repair shop/ company in UK, I would take the amp to local TV repair shop and ask for an repair estimate which will help you to make decision about this amplifier repair.