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I have a soundbar which requires a tv with ARC

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Hello. I have a soundbar which requires a tv with ARC for optimum performance, but my tv just has hdmi 1.3 which I understand does not support arc. Although I can get it to work, it does not have the sound quality which I could achieve with arc. Is there an adapter which I can purchase for my tv (Phillips 56" LCD) which will give my tv ARC capability? Thank you.
Hello, my name is Rusty. ARC is not any better quality than just HDMI, it actually has to go through yet one more circuit to make ARC work, which could actually cause problems and hurt the sound quality. ARC is a gimmick. Using HDMI or optical will give you the best quality sound that you can get. ARC just gets in the way. Arc takes the audio from your TV, and sends it down the HDMI ARC connection. It is no different than HDMI. The digital signal is the same. The same is true for an optical cable when connecting a soundbar.
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