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My name is***** have a pioneer fm/am digital tuner

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Hi, my name is***** have a pioneer fm/am digital tuner F-Z82L as part of my hi-fi system. After plugging in a new FM antenna, the tuner works for 2 seconds then stops and wont work agin even after the antenna is removed leaving a low hum. The tuner will work for 2 seconds at first switch on in the morning, then refuses to work again with or without the new antenna.
Hello, my name is Rusty. When you plugged in the antenna, you could have bumped the output signal wire, and caused a short. This is a long shot, but I want you to change your RCA jacks to your amp, and tell me if there is any difference, and if the hum goes away when you remove the output jacks.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hello Rusty, thanks for the reply. When i first switched on yesterday, the tuner had been left on an FM station and this started up for a few brief seconds before stopping. I left it on an AM station last night and it started up happily enough this morning. It ran for about half an hour, during which time i'd switched off and back on again, so feeling confident it had somehow righted itself i pressed one of the preset buttons to select another station. This stopped it in it's tracks and i'm back to the hum again on both AM and FM. Sadly the change of RCA jacks didn't help but thanks for the suggestion. Maybe plugging in the new antenna caused a short which has affected whatever chip was in the PLL synthesised tuner? Are they worth getting serviced in your opinion/experience?
It could very well be a short in the antenna circuit, that would cause it too. New tuners can cost over $150, so it may be worth taking in to have it looked at, especially if it matches your system. Sometimes shorts will show themselves right away, other times they can be very difficult to troubleshoot. The tech will be able to tell you if it's worth digging deeper or not. What I would recommend if it doesn't go well at the shop, is pick up any digital radio with a headphone jack. Connect the headphone jack to the RCA inputs where your tuner was plugged in, and you have a cost effective digital tuner on your system.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi, Rusty. Thanks for your reply again. I was hoping it might have been something simple that i could fix myself but clearly not. All the best, Michael.
No it is not... The most cost effective way to get a working radio is with a cheap radio.