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Which type of speakers should be hooked to this amp

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Which type of speakers should be hooked to this amp vsx1131.I mean how many watts for the 2 front , center, the surround and the subwoofer. Since this has twin sub outlets should both be the same wattage?on this amp each channel gives 170 watts,can a low watts speaker work on it. Thank you.

Hi, I'm Nathan.
Sorry to hear that you're having trouble with this but I'll do my best to help you.

The specs on that amp are very misleading, this is an en try level receiver that they are trying to portray as a high end product. It has nowhere near the power they advertise. The 170w rating is only if you are driving a single speaker, which realistically no one would do.

Even in a stereo configuration using just 2 speaker, it is derated down to 100w/channel.

If you are using it in a home theater arrangement and driving 5 or 7 speakers, you'll be getting even less, about 70w/channel or less.

Standard speakers would be fine to pair with this system, and you'll typically get the best value from a "theater in a box" type system that bundles a set of 5 or 7 speakers and a powered sub.

There is no need to have both subs be the same, they are serving different purposes. If you have small main speakers, then the 1 sub will be used to reinforce the bass for them and the 2nd would be placed in the back for surround/effects. The back one can be smaller. Here is a system I'd suggest to start:

Best regards,


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