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What are the best techniques for learning and absorbing

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what are the best techniques for learning and absorbing informations? science subjects
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does not matter
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okn tnks
What issues do you face when you try to learn science subjects?
You have to make mnemonics for the difficult terminologies. They will help a lot. For example, The great merciful king hates dragons because dragons continuously murder men.
The for
Great for
Merciful for
Mega and so on..
This is the most common mnemonic used to memorize prefixes.
And always get your study table cleaned before you start to study and make your room peaceful without any distractions. Try making a chart of difficult things and paste it on your room's wall. Revise the stuff written on it before you go to bed. This is scientifically proven that whatever you revise before sleep will be on your mind the next day. Try to turn difficult topics into funny stories. The things that you visualize are retained better in your brain. Since our visual memory is stronger than the verbal.
Always study in the morning that's when 80 to 90 percent of our brain is working. Reward yourself after you complete one day's task for example, buy yourself favourite snacks or go out with friends for a while. This will encourage you to study efficiently.
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