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Which one of the following measures did the Wade- Bill

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Which one of the following measures did the Wade-Davis Bill include for Southern states?Full autonomy given to freed blacksEach state to raise taxes to pay costs of the billTen percent of voters needed to swear allegiance to the UnionMilitary governors to be in chargeThaddeus Stevens, a Radical Republican, strongly supported which of the following?The Southern cause***** *****'s plans for reconstructionBlack CodesEquality of the racesWhich of the following did NOT result from the lack of federal government oversight and troops leaving the Southern states?Jim Crow Laws were passed.Black Codes were passed.Blacks who held offices were voted out.Freedman's Bureau remained in effect.

Wade-Davis bill: Military governments to be incharge

Thaddeus Stevens: Equality of the races

Not a result of oversight: Freedman's Bureau remained in effect

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