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Robert, Honda Technician
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Hi Guys I have a problem with my wifes Honda Jazz 1.4 Automatic.

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Hi Guys' I have a problem with my wife's Honda Jazz 1.4 Automatic. Reg CV07 YOM. The engine keeps cutting out and stuttering. I've just taken it for a short drive and at slow engine revs it stutters, gets progressively worse as I increase the speed until it clears. Then as I come to a junction, slow down and then go to increase the engine speed it dies. Now this has been happening for a while but we've managed to live with it until now as it happens every journey and the engine may stop two to three times starting from cold to drive to the next village which is some 2.5 miles away. The Engine light has come on for only the second time. The first time this happened we took it into our local garage and said the error showing was the Crank shaft position sensor. Which they removed cleaned and replaced. We had no trouble with this fault until it went in for an MOT and service two weeks ago and it has got really bad. Can you help please.



Hopefully i can help..


If the engine management light has occurred again on the instrument panel then this will be an opertunity to retrived what ever fault code the ecu has logged - if it comes back as crank angel sensor again.then usually cleaning can in a sense help if fouled up but if internally faulty/open circuit or a wiring issue then cleaning wont help needs replaced and maybe something to try next if its the same code again that comes back as per crank sensor dont say whether they did that or not bar just the cleaning replacing it back..sometimes aquiring a genuine sensor from the dealer would be the best option too - however there are many codes/definations in regards XXXXX XXXXX with the crank which could be engine timing issue running both sensors crank/cam out of sync / trigger ring the sensor reads / the wiring from the sensor back to ecu or cam sensor at fault..all those need to be ruled again depending what the code is..obviously there would be other things that can cause similar symptoms from fuel delivery issues/or a problem in regards XXXXX XXXXX ignition system "coils" / throttle body/..but as above if your engine management warning has come again then it would be worth seeing what exactly the ecu is seeing as faulty..i do hope this helps..If you need to ask anything else before you rate then just continue..

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Robert, prior to taking it to the garage we had this intermittent fault where it just stuttered every now and again. I called in an expert who I was very impressed with and spent a good four hours going over it. From what he told me it is obvious that the previous owner had these problems. I was told that someone had replaced an awful lot parts. All the ignition coils had been replaced. Now the funny thing is the car went in for an MOT and service not two weeks ago and has been playing up ever since, so something must have been disturbed during the service. I've been under the bonnet and poked and pulled every plug and wire I can find to see if anything is loose. The only other oddity is the cooling fan comes on straight away from cold. At first when the engine is cold it keeps switching it self on and off repeatedly until the engine gets warm then stays on. I have ordered up a sensor and am just waiting for the part to arrive but it seems there are many things that can give the same symptoms. Thanks for you help

Hi..there many thanks for your reply..


Yes..I see you don't mention whether they did any diagnostics on the car..that I mean live data readings..sometimes doing that can help pin point exactly which sensor could be at fault or where roughly the fault could lay..I don't mean just pulling codes -if they are any which I assume there will be if the EML is back on then that could be something to maybe try next and se what that throws would save really spending money on parts etc in the hope you stumble on the fault etc..But yes there a lot of things that could give very similar symptoms - without some sort of diagnostic approach you basically stabbing in the dark to be honest as you can only check so much visually has you have done so far incase something was loose or via method of the wiggle test to see if the engine reponds to that etc - aswell as if all common areas such as plugs/coils/timing/fuelling delivery/egr valve/lambda sensors has all been ruled out.The engine service could be something to look at again..its not the first time maybe a garage has done a service and accidentally knocked a plug etc so certainly something to check I would imagine.if that the ect sensor then yes in a sense that could cause that but more of hot/coldstarting issues as the sensor itself is just one of several sensor the ecu uses to detect engine temp and adjust fuel/air mixture accordingly.I do hope this helps further..

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