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The clutch pedal on my 09reg 2-2 diesel crv is near the top

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The clutch pedal on my 09reg 2-2 diesel crv is near the top before the bite. Is there any way of adjusting or do I need a new clutch.



Hopefully i can help..


Usually the most common common signs of clutch wear is either slipping under engine load or going up hills..or miss match as per rpm of engine engine and the spped of the car eg:- high rpm and not much speed..too a very high bite point on the clutch pedal can too be sign the clutch plate is wearing - being a hydraulic clutch operation system there is no adjustment as such - as adjustement occurs as the clutch a good clutch would bite in the region of between the floor and mid way on the clutch pedal travel..There is test you can try - on a quite flat road put it in 4th lift the clutch slowly and try to pull away. The car should then really labour badly to the point of stall straight away completely. If it doesn't and pulls off slowly or rpm increases slowly without much labour on the engine, the clutch is worn/going out..i do hope this helps

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