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HI i own a 2005 honda crv and have had a problem with the clutch

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HI i own a 2005 honda crv and have had a problem with the clutch pedal making a squeaking noise,the car recently went in for an mot and at the same time i asked the mechanic to take a look at the pedal,he advised me that the baffles/washers were either missing or had disintergrated somehow,he said he spoke to honda and that its a common problem and that he could fit new baffles/washers but couldnt guarantee it would cure the problem.the only sure way to cure the problem was to fit a new clutch pedal,so i had a new pedal fitted but the problem still exists in exactly the same way. he seems to think the problem is now in the gearbox.i find that hard to believe because the pedal still makes a noise when the engine isnt running, could it be the new pedal is faulty?



Hopefully i can help..


If your sure it not heard from outside the car at the gearbox but is heard more so within the car or footwell..You are correct in what you say being a common fault im sure there was a Technical service bulletin about this..but its not the clutch pedal itself "the part you use your foot on" thats the cause but the clutch master cylinder "which your pedal actuates to release the clutch" - the spring rubbing on the outer diameter of the piston rod when the pedal is pressed,or the master cylinder quick connect is moving..the fix was to replace the clutch master cylinder then apply a thin film of silicone grease to the clutch fluid line threads fitting to the master cylinder..but no if this noise is heard within the footwell it will not be gearbox related especially so if the engine is off..I do hope this helps

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