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My Honda dealer has tried three times to stop an annoying dashboard

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My Honda dealer has tried three times to stop an annoying dashboard rattle from around the sat nav area. But it's still there, even though the mechanics have opened up the dash, removed the sat nav, checked the airbag and tightened the glove compartment catch. Could the noise (which sounds like some ill-fitting plastic) be referred from elsewhere in the car? For instance, I've noticed that the bonnet hood support strut almost touches the battery when in the down position. I'm sure it could be tapping on the battery as I drive along. As you can see, I'm getting desperate for a solution.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I'd be happy to wait for another couple of days, until Wednesday. If you haven't been able to find an answer for me by then, do I still get charged?

OK can you hear the noise with the hood open?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I haven't tried that, because the noise occurs only when the car is in motion. I've just had a passenger listen for me, and the conclusion is that the noise is definitely from the sat nav area of the dashboard. The best way I can describe it is by comparing it to a plastic box inside another plastic box, being rattled around. Please also note that the noise comes and goes, and it isn't related to rough road surfaces. Hope this helps.

Ok this can definately be from under the hood at the fire wall .See if you can here the noise with the hood open .Also is there and aftermarket alarm in the vehicle with a siren against the firewall?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I've taken the car for a spin until the rattle started. Then I pulled in and took a look under the bonnet with the engine running. The noise had stopped. It does seem to be the case that the rattle occurs only when the car is in motion. I couldn't tell whether the alarm was where you thought it might be. However, I will alert my dealer to this possibility when the car goes in for attention. As I was driving the car today, the plastic-on-plastic knocking seemed to come from inside the dashboard.

Yes have them check what I stated . If they can not fix the vehicle under warranty then they might have to buy it back from you or until the issue is fixed . Hoped this helped . Please rate excellent service so I can get credit for my help thanks . Bonuses greatly appreciated .
Tom, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Honda
Satisfied Customers: 25974
Experience: ASE Certified Master Technician
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks. The Honda dealer in question has arranged for one of its "master technicians" from another dealer in the chain to look at my car, so they seem to be taking me seriously. I will certainly flag up the possibility you suggested. Thanks for this tip and for your additional advice.