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Robert, Honda Technician
Category: Honda
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I am having difficulty engaging gear on my 1998 Honda Civic.

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I am having difficulty engaging gear on my 1998 Honda Civic. I can engage gears when the car is stationay but have great difficulty when the engine is running. Can you help please.


Hopefully i can help..

First off would be to check the small clutch fluid resevior that feeds the clutch master cylinder - normally that sat next to the brake resevior drivers side engine bay..and ensure its does have enough fluid in it and hasnt dropped..i recall these having hydraulic clutch system on them and not so much the old cable type so certainly check that first..the next check would be to double check there are no leaks from the master itself nor the slave cylinder at the gearbox both of which may have a leak or become weak and thus not fully clearing the clutch to enable you to get gears when the engines running..The other possibility is the clutch /pressure plate/worn release bearing is indeed worn when these wear out they can cause difficulty in getting gears when the engines running becuase the engine is still enagaged/transmitting power through the gearbox hence why you can't get it into gear but only when the engines off..So as above they clutch hydraulics would need to be checked..maybe have it rebled with the new fluid run through it and see if that helps..if not then it possible the clutch itself/pressure plate even is at fault....I do hope this helps

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