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Mike, Honda Technician
Category: Honda
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my honda civic 2003 diesel will not rev over 1500 rpm when

Customer Question

my honda civic 2003 diesel will not rev over 1500 rpm when hot, picks up for 20 to 30 seconds when you change gear Runs OK when started from cold, have checked the fuel tank and replaced the fuel filter
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Honda
Expert:  Mike replied 3 years ago.
Hello and Welcome -

My name is***** happy to help -

Can you please tell me the mileage it has ?

Too - do you have the engine light on when driving?

Do you have any fault codes you can give me / have you had plug in tests done?

Rgds, MIKE..........................................
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

mileage 91k

no engine light on when driving

no fault codes/ no plug tests done

Rgds Richard

Expert:  Mike replied 3 years ago.
Hello there Richard -

Thank you for your reply and info..

Can you just give me its FULL reg number ...

Rgds, MIKE..
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

reg no.FY53 RXH

Rgds Richard

Expert:  Mike replied 3 years ago.
Thank you for that Richard.. I just needed that to double check the engine management system that particualr vehicle was running.

Now - with this issue you have... I can see what you have done / had done... and I note there is no engine management fault light on. But - the first thing to do would be to have a plug on fault code test done... it doesn't always follow that there wont be any fault codes just cos the light is not on... so that would be the first thing. Any fault codes retrieved should then be acted upon.

If no codes are found, then the next step is to have "live data" diagnostics done - first with a view to checking the values of the all the actuators and sensors on the engine and to include importantly, the actual fuel pressure being run.

At this stage there is every possibility that you have a fault with the FRP / fuel pressure regulator - if the fuel pressure is not correct..or the faulty sensor makes the Ecu think its incorrect, it will reduce the fuelling to the engine/ injectors and hence, your pack of power as described.

That is as I say the most likely scenario here - but there is just no way of telling without the proper plug on equipment - on this system, its all electronic.

If its proven not to be that sensor, the tests carried out that way will find your fault whatever it is - but at this stage you will need garage help Im afraid - for the use of the equipment.

There are in fact several other things that can cause this - from sensor issues such as Egr to MAF to main Ecu faults to engine mechanical faults / timing issues etc... Even a single injector not holding pressure properly can cause this. Again, it has to be tested with the proper equipment to find such a fault.

Im sorry I cannot say for sure that it will be this or that... as you can appreciate, its simply not that straight forward but working as above you will get this sorted.

Before you do go about having the tests done though - its well worth just checking all the pipework, and electrical connectors to the various sensors... as any fault there / loose wiring / perished / ill fitting pipes etc can indeed cause this...

Let me know if you need anything else at all.. If you do get back to me, I will get back to you asap thereafter.

Meantime , please do now at this point, click on the "Excellent ratings" for me... I really appreciate that and Thank you....

Kind Rgds, MIKE..