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Robert, Honda Technician
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Ive got a honda jazz ex-cvt, ive undone the on my rear alloy

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ive got a honda jazz ex-cvt, ive undone the nuts on my rear alloy wheel an it wont come off. what do i do?


Most likely the alloy is stuck to the hub..not at all uncommon on the majority of can try to grab the wheel with both hands and try to wiggle it off. or use the palms of yours hands and thump the tyre at the top and both sides to see if it will free that way...the only other way if its stuck to get a rubber mallet and go under the car and hit the rim from the inner side..or find a decent block of wood and decent hammer and place the wood against the rim of the alloy and hit the wood with the hammer to try and shock it off..if your doing that ensure you have axles stands in place under the car aswell as make sure you put one wheel nut on half way so the wheel doesnt complete come off once you free it...if you do manage to get it off then clean the surface area with a wire brush and use a small amount of copper slip grease around the mounting surface on the hub to ensure the problem doesnt happen again

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