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Honda Accord 2000 140,000 plus mile is making low howling

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Honda Accord 2000 140,000 plus mile is making low howling noise on start up and think its getting worse.


Do you know roughly around the engine you seem to hear this noise from?

Does the noise change at all when turning the steering back and forth or turning the A/C on?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Robert,
On your first question I have found this a bit difficult as I don't hear equally in both ears. However it seems middle and rear of main engine block. My son may do better when home from work.On second question the answer is no. I had to have cooling pipe for power steering replace 2yrs or so ago and have heard that sympton before. On turning the AC on and off you've hid the winner. low growl is on when AC is on and disappears (to my ears!) when switched of. Is it then an air conditioning part that is failing, perhaps the compressor??


Normally what is done to rule out anything on the pulley side of the to remove the belt..the belt that runs the Air conditioning / alternator / idlers / tensioner..switch the engine on..and see if the noise is still there or not..if not then you'll know for sure that one of those pulleys that belt runs is either has worn you would need to spin each by hand to get a feel if any are rough when spun etc..that being said if your hearing a definate change when the A/C compressor kicks on..then i maybe suspect that would likely be your problem..maybe the clutch pulley itself..the beltruns over and maybe not so much the compresor itself unless there is clear indication the noise is coming from it....but like i say above certainly check the auxillary components first first like i mentioned above and see what you find...

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Robert, sorry to have delayed by a couple of days, pressing work commitments intervened. I have tried cold starting with the climate control and ac off and stiil get the low pitched howl It does not seem to come from pulley side. Can you tell me what other problems may be producing this?

No problem..

Have you checked your intake / filter assembly..check the airfilter has been installed correctly.. only other thing id say would need to be checked is the water pump..because its timing belt driven it would vital its ruled out..unless the belt its coming up for renewal..i note you mention the cars got 140,000miles on it,so id imagine it should of had one done at each 90,000miles..

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Robert thank you for the reply. I will check over the weekend. About 3yrs ago I had the water pump replaced in the course of replacing the offside front brake pipe when it had to come off and was in poor condition. I will submit the review you requested over the weekend but but will say here that I apreciate your advice and your logical approach.

No problem at all..glad to help..hopefully above gives you some direction anyway..but if you should have anything else to add and need advice then just ask...In the mean time if you could leave a rating it would be much appreciated..thank you

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