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I have a Honda CRV 2.2 reg Pk57 kym, 63,000 miles on the

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I have a Honda CRV 2.2 reg Pk57 kym, 63,000 miles on the clock, the car went into limp mode when over taking other vehicles, i stopped and restarted the car and it seemed ok again, but for a different whistle to that of the turbo before it went into limp mode, i haven't lost any turbo power but this noise sounds like air coming out of somewhere, i took it to my sons garage where he tested for the engine light management fault and he said it came up with turbo overboost, it was running fine so he deleted the error, the whooing noise isnt hearable until i drive it and accelerate, I took it into a Honda garage, total waste of time because they didn't do anything other than a health check, i was livid when they said they needed it in to strip the turbo down, told me i needed 4 new tyres, a minor leak on the fuel pump O ring, regardless of this the problem i took it in for wasn't looked at nor was i able to speak to the technician to tell him what had happened, and when i rang back i got a totally different story from Honda, ie they had consulted the foreman who said it didnt need stripping down, 2 young lads did the health check, i have no confidence in Honda now!!! also, I have read somewhere that some CRV turbos have a warranty for 7 years or 90 miles, is this correct? Another ex Honda technician told me it sounds like a burst/split boost pipe, please can you help?
Submitted: 7 months ago.
Category: Honda
Expert:  Robert replied 7 months ago.


If the Turbo is overboosting.then it means the turbo is spinning faster then it should be and this will cause it drop into limp mode..I think the obvious step here is to see the VNT actuator arent sticking.the turbo is vnt so maybe the vanes inside the turbine housing is sticking. its quite common on alot of these vnt turbos..only way to know that is to disconnect the actuator rod and manually move the vnt lever on the turbo to feel is its sticking or siezed inside with carbon soot build up,you'll know if it feels hard to move back and forth or crunches..the turbo on these 2.2crdi's sits right at the front behind the heat its not difficult task to reach the turbo see that the Rod actuator is operated by vacuum.they'll need to check that holds vaccum so directly fitting mityvac to it will confirm that although - the vacuum operated solenoid that controls the actuator rod should pull the wastegate/vane lever shut as soon as the engine has started and it should slowly release the wastegate/vane lever when the engine is turned observe that. you also see a small vaccum hose leading away from the turbo upto a control solnoid check the line is damaged or leaking.....

But if your hear a whooshing noise under throttle..then that could well be boost leak of course an inspection of the intercooler system and pipes will need to be checked before going any further as to above..