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Dr. Mike
Dr. Mike, Equine Veterinarian
Category: Horse
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Experience:  25 years in private equine practice.
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Hello I have an 17.3hh draft type hunter which has been diagnosed

Customer Question

Hello I have an 17.3hh draft type hunter which has been diagnosed with epilepsy, he has never had a seizure but he twitches through the neck which causes his head to flick slightly, it doesn't happen when he is in work and it is not neurological as he has been in for investigations and X-rays-which showed no restriction in his neck but the poll, we have put him on recommended drugs but now he is a bit dopey and the twitching still happens every few minuets which increases when he is stressed, I am struggling to believe it is epilepsy and now we have been told by another vet he should be put down as he is unsafe! Have you any ideas? Sorry not an easy one and my vets seem to be a bit baffled! Thank you Renee
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Horse
Expert:  Dr. Mike replied 4 years ago.
Renee - sorry to hear about Hero's problems. As you've already noted, it's impossible to make a diagnosis on-line.

The "dopey" effects are likely due to the barbiturates.

Have your veterinarians ruled out "headshaking" syndrome?

Have them consult with Dr. Madigan at UC Davis. There are other drug options that won't make him quite so somulent.

Nose nets have worked as well as drugs in my experience.

True epilepsy is unusual in horses other than young Arabian foals.