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Daniel Cochren
Daniel Cochren,
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My 26 yr old horse has arthritis in his jaw and finds it difficult

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My 26 yr old horse has arthritis in his jaw and finds it difficult to eat without choking, his teeth are regularly checked and are fine.he has nt eaten hay for the last two years because of this, now he has started choking on grass as well, he is normally a good doer but does nt seem to be thriving.have U got any tips or advise please.
Hello, and thanks for the question.

Sorry to hear about Subaru's eating problem. It sounds frustrating for the both of you! I have many patients that have poor dentition (or no teeth at all), and are also unable to eat grass or hay. What I normally recommend is to use a complete senior feed soaked in water to the point that it becomes a thick mush. Most of the senior diets are designed to dissolve/break down in water, and most horses love the stuff. It's also easy to prepare. Purina makes a good product, with lots of good research behind it, but there are multiple senior diets available these days. As far as amount of feed, a horse should maintain on approximately 2-3% of it's body weight daily, so if Subaru weighs around 800 pounds he would need about 16 to 18 pounds daily. That weight is also including the water that you add to moisten it.

So I do recommend that you consider giving it a try, but keep it up with the grazing muzzle so Subaru has something to do.

I trust I've helped, and lease let me know if you have any further questions.

All the best,

-Dan C.
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