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canuck the pro
canuck the pro, Handyman
Category: HVAC
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Potterton Boiler Performa System HE. It will not go above

Customer Question

Potterton Boiler Performa System HE.
It will not go above 60 Degrees.It almost never stops running.
Pressure on the boiler is going up to 4 bar
Kind Regards, XXXXX
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  canuck the pro replied 4 years ago.

canuck the pro :

Hi, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I have been in the home improvement and repair field for 20 years. I will be glad to help you today. Do you have hot water? Is your filling loop connected and is that why the pressure is high?

JACUSTOMER-f4gd6pd3- :

Hello Mike. Hot water is on a separate circuit.The boiler / Burner will go up to 70 degrees and pressure bar only to 1.5.

JACUSTOMER-f4gd6pd3- :

Do not understand your question re filling loop.? when you turn on heating down stairs or up stairs pressure bar will go up to 3.5

JACUSTOMER-f4gd6pd3- :

The Boiler will not go above 50 degrees and almost never turn its self off.Use of gas is very high.

JACUSTOMER-f4gd6pd3- :

Please give me a time that suits you and i will be on line.Kind Regards, Alfred.

JACUSTOMER-f4gd6pd3- : 22/02/14. 15-20 hours.
JACUSTOMER-f4gd6pd3- : i am not sure how I should continue. Obviously the problem has not been solved. Alfred.
canuck the pro :

HeSorry for the delay. I was not online earlier but I am now. At the boiler there would be a flexible braided hose coming off the main and that would be the filling loop hose. If that is connected and the valves are on then it will continue to add pressure. Is that the case?

JACUSTOMER-f4gd6pd3- : Just give me a few moments.
JACUSTOMER-f4gd6pd3- : sorry cannot find graded flexible hose. Coming off the main, main what.? Water supply.? Heating has been working to several years without a hitch. This is all very sudden. Why would hot water work ok and not heating.??
JACUSTOMER-f4gd6pd3- : I do not have perfect access to the is a space problem.
canuck the pro :

Could also be the diverter valve is sticking and not switching to the heating this is the most likely issue. You may be able to free the motorized valve by removing it and be sure that the port valve has movement.

JACUSTOMER-f4gd6pd3- : Sorry, you must be joking. I am 70 years old and not an engineer. I know nothing about heating.
canuck the pro :

I think the best solution will be to call someone out. You at least now have information about what is most likely at issue and can get a good estimate on what the cost of repair will be. If you have never had the system flushed you may want to consider including that .

JACUSTOMER-f4gd6pd3- : Hello Mike. I had hoped with the information I gave you it would be possible to identify the problem. So I guess I will have to call someone out to fix it.!!! Kind regards, Alfred.
canuck the pro :

The information did help narrow it down for sure. The investigation would have to get a bit Brooks your comfort level for certainty. At least the issue is not major. The service person will be in and out in an hour or two.

canuck the pro :

Not Brooks. Beyond

JACUSTOMER-f4gd6pd3- : Thanks Mike. It really is not your fault. It is one of these things that needs for you to be on site to fix. I will get someone in on Monday.If your information turns out to be right I will let you know. If not I will also let you know. A problem with the expansion tank was mentioned to me by my son. ??? Regards.
canuck the pro :

That is easy to test. If you release some air from the air valve on the tank and water comes out then the tank diaphragm needs replacing. If air comes out then test the pressure with a tire gauge and if it requires pressure then pump it with a bicycle pump or compressor. The specifications should be on a tag on the tank what pressure it should be.

canuck the pro :

Further the tank pressure should be checked when it is empty. If air comes out when you check for air or water then turn the water main off and open a tap until the tank is empty then check the pressure and add pressure if necessary.

JACUSTOMER-f4gd6pd3- : Hello. The problem has not been fixed so I cannot say any different. Also it took me a long time on Saturday to connect to you.i am aware I did not respond on Friday as I was out.. I am the Customer. Under the circumstances I would ask you to reverse the payment made to you. Regards, Alfred.