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Credanet II Controller 79321X - where can I get simple Instructions

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Credanet II Controller 79321X - where can I get simple Instructions of how to program this controller in my new flat ??

Many thanks XXXXX email [email protected]

jhvac :

Hi there. I couldn't find any instructions for your controller anywhere. I have contacted Creda about this and will let you know as soon as they get back with me.

jhvac :

What is the model of the wall unit(s) you have?


Hi - many thanks for your reply - the front of the controller plastic box says "New Era Creda net "


Hi - many thanks for your reply - the controller plastic box says "New Era Creda net"


Hi - this control box controls the heat output of x3 electric night storage heaters - many thanks Jon Hill

jhvac : I'll let you know as soon as I receive information from creda

many thanks indeed

jhvac :

No problem. I'm going to switch this over to q&a, if I leave this open it will keep reposting for other experts. If you could just wait until I get back with you to reply, unless of course you find some information yourself. In that case let me know. Whenever you reply, this question will repost for other experts. Too, I think you can exclusively request me, in that case, I don't think this will repost.

While waiting on a response, I've still been digging for more info about this controller.
This is what i've found so far, it may help:

To reset a CNT18FW heater, first be very careful not to electrocute yourself. Switch off both supplies, and remove the lower pannel. Remove the 2 leads to the PCB from the room temperature sensor, and replace with a short between the two pins. Check nothing else is shorted, and power on. After 5-10 sec, the LED should flash, indicating the heater has been reset.

To reset the controller, dis-connect from the mains, ans set the battery switch off. Re-connect/disconnect again, and switch battery on. It should now be factory reset.

To enter installer mode,

Switch to ‘holiday’

Press 2,6,3,5,5.

Warm reset, press 3+9 together.

A Creda representative got back with me and said they couldn't pull up that information. Evidently it is a discontinued product. Maybe the info I gave you earlier may help. There is another manufacturer that had similar controls. When I find that again, I will give you a link. If you want the email that I received from Creda, let me know.

These controls are Horstmann. Some of them look similar to Creda, was wondering if they may have been manufactured by the same people. This page has a long list of manuals and guides.

Other than finding a control made by the same manufacturer and branded differently, you may be able to find an inexpensive replacement.

That's about the extent of what I can help you with, sorry I couldn't find the exact manual.
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