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canuck the pro
canuck the pro, Handyman
Category: HVAC
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I have Ferroli optimax plus he 38c, came home from work boiler

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I have Ferroli optimax plus he 38c, came home from work boiler not working nothing on the screen replaced pcb and still nothing checked all wiring and is ok can you help

canuck the pro :

Hi, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I have been in the home improvement and repair field for 20 years. I will be glad to help you today. Is there no power at all? No lights?

Customer: There is nothing blank checked the wiring for connections everything fine
canuck the pro :

Have you checked there is voltage with a multi-meter?

Customer: Yes the power is ther
canuck the pro :

Sorry I didn't see that you had replied until now. There is no power to the display but power has been confirmed. How did you confirm the power?

Customer: Using a volt stick husband talk
canuck the pro :

Beneath the controller there is a small reset button, have you pushed it?

Customer: No will try that
canuck the pro :

Very good.

Customer: He has tried that he says he has tried everything it's bugging him
canuck the pro :

Pushing the reset does nothing?

Customer: Yes nothing and has switched the boiler on and off the board is just not powering up and he can't see what faults as the screen isn't working
canuck the pro :

Can you check for power at the board?

Customer: It has it's powering the remote room stat and the gas valve
canuck the pro :

What was the original problem, the same before changing the board?

Customer: The board died got another one and still the same, thought we had bought a dodgy board but 2nd new one still not showing anything
canuck the pro :

Do you have a multi-meter? I am not sure what a volt stick is.

Customer: Yes we have used a multi meter, the volt stick is an electrical tool to check for power it buzzes and lights up if power there
canuck the pro :

Is the fuse on the board blown? Can you check it with the multi-meter for continuity?

Customer: Checked it power there, me thinks a new boiler shame it's just out of 5 year warranty
canuck the pro :

There has to be something simple but need to know what the voltage is. Can you use the multi-meter instead of the volt stick?

Customer: Multi meter has been left at work the volt stick doesn't register unless it is above 90 watts
canuck the pro :

This is the second board you have tried? The most you can do now is turn the power off disconnect all the connectors and plug them back in. We do not know if we are getting enough voltage and cannot tell if there is voltage coming out of the board or where the voltage stops. There could be a shorted wire but really hard to tell without knowing what the voltages are on the pins on the board. Could very well be a faulty board again. That, as far as I can tell is the most likely if the fuses are good and there is power to the board.

canuck the pro :

If you can find a multi-meter the pins on the connectors of the board have the proper voltages marked. Could also be that the replacement board is the wrong board. Did the numbers match exactly to the original?

Customer: It's the right board thanks for your help, will get hubby to check
canuck the pro :

I hope not. It would be great to find that it was just that and it is really easy to get the wrong board. It is also very common to get a board that is DOA. If the board was not shipped in anti-static packaging that is a good sign that is a real possibility.

canuck the pro :

If you still have the original board it would be good to confirm that all the model numbers on the board are matching.

Customer: It came between pieces of foam in a cardboard box is there anyway it can be checked by the supplier to prove it works . The first board didn't match but the second is correct, my husband says he has gone over everything twice he thinks like you it is simple his work is in industrial heating so does check lol
canuck the pro :

I do not know what the supplier will be able to do as far as testing. Many boards you get are used even if they do say new. I am thinking there is a very good chance that board is not good. Anything not shipped in anti-static packaging can very easily be damaged by static electricity.

Customer: Will get back in touch with heatxchange for £157 I would hope it is new again thanks for your help
canuck the pro :

I guess the choices are returning the board and purchasing a new one from a different supplier or having an engineer come do some testing and confirming the board is not good or getting the multi-meter and testing the board voltages on the pins.

canuck the pro :

You are very welcome

canuck the pro :

If you look really closely where the connectors are on the board the proper voltages are stamped so you can test it. I doubt the supplier tests them because they probably do not have a boiler to put it into to check or the tools to test it. Especially if they don't even package them properly.

Customer: Thanks will get his mate round he thought he could work out the problem but it's beat him can't stand him looking at the boiler for much longer.
canuck the pro :

I would be the same way. I can't stand when the machines beat me....then I remember this was a battle. I will win the war!

Customer: Bringing the multi meter home tomorrow can't do another week without hot water he will win the war or he is dead meat
canuck the pro and other HVAC Specialists are ready to help you
Thank you for the bonus! I do think he has a bad board though. Good luck to you both and may he go on as living meat after tomorrow! You have been a pleasure. Mike
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Just thought I would let you know it was water in the 3 way valve that kept blowing the pcb it took the ferroli engineer a couple of hours told him it looked like it was shorting and the cable didn't have an earth 3 pcbs later heating and water
That is harsh. Poor guy. Must've been frustrating for him . You sound like a customer that would have put him at ease during a frustrating time. Thank you for the update.