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My Baxi Bermuda with a back boiler has recently developed

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My Baxi Bermuda with a back boiler has recently developed a fault.After it has been off for a few hours and has cooled down it will fire up immediately when switched on but after one and a half to two minutes it seems to struggle to re-fire and there is a roaring sound like the oldfashioned blowlamp.
I then switch off for a couple of seconds and switch on again and it will refire immediately, but after another two minutes the same thing happens when I have to repeat the same procedure after which it will work perfectly for the rest of the day.
Two days ago this appliance was serviced by a gas engineer but he was unable to diagnose the fault.
Can you help please.


The roaring is a blow back in the burner


This means there is a small gas leak around the burner and it gets pushed into the burner with the gas/air mixture and lights at the injector


You should get the burner stripped out and resealed to prevent this happening again

Customer: Thank you for your reply.Can you explain why this only happens when the appliance is first switched on, but works ok when it has warmed up
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