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Dear Sir Good morning I would like to know how to play american

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Dear Sir
Good morning
I would like to know how to play american DVDs in blue ray player panasonic DMP BD60 ?
Thank you *****

***** ***** :

You will need to buy a universal remote control to perform this task;

***** ***** :

I went to Argos and bought the One for all 6 (URC 7562)
Catalogue code 535/6209 £19.99

The user manual was wrong because it tells you to enter a 3 digit code when it only accepts 5 digits.
If you have another one for all remote, it may need the 3 digit codes, simply use the 5 digit codes below but remove the first two 0. So 00189 would be 189

If I say the DVD button blinks twice, it must do this, if it does not you must try the sequence again and again until it does blink twice.

1. select dvd device on remote
2. hold magic button until the DVD button blinks twice
3. enter device code 0533 (DVD button blinks twice)

program buttons 1..5 with the following codes:

1 - 00189
2 - 00255
3 - 00095
4 - 00221
5 - 00079

1. hold magic button until the DVD button blinks twice
2. press 994 (DVD button blinks twice)
3. press magic
4. enter 5 digit code from above
5. press button (1..5) where to program it (DVD button blinks twice)
6. repeat steps 1 to 5 for all keys.

This hack only works if you change the command mode to "1" on the dvd player FIRST (see user manual = page 149). Once hack has been completed, you can change back to command mode "3", if necessary. Of course you need to set both the DVD player and the orginal DVD player remote to command mode "1". After making it region free you can change them to command mode "2", "3" or leave it on "1"


Thank you for your advice. I wil try it and come back to you.


Because I have to go and get it ,to try first.If it works I will ratet as excelent service. Thank you

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