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I have a problem with the electrics when I turn off the clock

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I have a problem with the electrics when I turn off the clock I seem to be getting 60 volts across terminals 1 and 2 which in turn makes the motorised valves flicker but when I turn off the boiler the flickering stops I was wondering if you have any idea what it could be
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Can you confirm where the terminals are that you are checking?

Customer: When I turn on the boiler say for hot water the boiler starts up the boiler is controlled by a 2 Chanel clock the goes through a cylinder stat which feeds a motorised valve the Gray and orange are connected to 1 and 2 on the boiler but when I turn off the clock the motorised valve still flickers as if there is a small voltage there could I do some damage to the valve
Hi . You need to check the wiring out of the boiler . Sounds like you should only have switched live to the boiler to fire . Is the clock next to the wiring box !
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Sorry I could not get back the clock is beside the boiler and the control box is the hot press the way it is wired from spur to boiler live from spur to clock live from clock to room stat live from stat to motorised valve also from clock live to cylinder stat from stat to motorised valve when I turn on the clock everything works but when I turn off the clock boiler goes off but one valve seems to be flickering if it has about 40 bolts going though it I was could I be getting a back feed of the neutral or boiler and could it do damage to the valve thanks Brendan
when you say clock , is it a orogrammer with seperate heating and got water controls/
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
It is a 2 channel clock heating and hot water

ok. thanks. your sytem may have been wired incorrectly and so is picking up a stray current.

do you have 2 x two port motorised valves ot 1 x 3 port motorised valve ,

just to let you know wiring probs can take a bit of sorting out. it will need a bit of patience on both sides, but i will stay with it till it is sorted.

your boiler may only need one wire going into it. a switched live to fire the boiler, this will come from the orange on the motorised valve and connection 1 (nc) cylinder stat

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
The clock turns on the vavels through the stats which in turn makes the connection to the Gray witch is connected to 1 and 2 on the boiler and the boiler coms on
sure. youve already said that, but 2 port valves and 3 port are wired differentlt. what type do you have? thanks,
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
They are 2 port valves

ok , thanks. in that case you should have 2 connentions out of your clock , one heating on, the other hot water on . check that apart from neutral, live,earth in these are the only 2 other wires out and the hot water off isnt wired up.
do you have an s plan wiring diagram?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
When I turn the boiler there is no problem either by heating or hot water it is ok it's when I turni it off the boiler shuts down but when I look at the valves there is still flickering as if there is voltage there is only 3wirs going to the control box 1live hot water 1 live to heating and neutral

ok .you might have to trace the wiring all the way back from the fused spur to the clock and then hot water on to cylinder stat to hw valve to orange live to boiler. heating on to room stat to heating valve to boiler. sometimes with this sort of fault the only way to do it it is to basically start again and rewire. in this situation its usually easier because you never know what the sparky or heating engineer has done . There could be a fault with the valve aswell . might be woth swopping the heads and wiring and see if it makes a difference and if it does replace it

is it just the hot water valve flickering?

Plumberpro, Mechanical Engineer
Category: HVAC
Satisfied Customers: 634
Experience: Over 20 years experience in plumbing heating and gas
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
It is just the hot water valve I won't be able to do anything till Tuesday and I will let you know
ok ,no probs
Hi. Did you resolve the problem
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I finally got to the bottom of my problem I had to change the clock which was my problem when I turn off heating side no problem but when I turned off hot water it was not switching fully off there was a small voltage getting though don't ask me how Thanks Brendan