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Andrew Smith
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I was called out to a job earlier today because a boiler wasn't

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I was called out to a job earlier today because a boiler wasn't working correctly bear in mind i am an electrician by trade but never mind. It was a Nibe Fighter 360p the problem was the boiler wasn't sending heat around to the manifold while it was in automatic mode, but when it was switched in hand it run fine the pump the mixing valve etc. Does anyone know what the problem might be or a direction which i can be sent?
***** ***** : Did you say the pump was not running in automatic mode?
***** ***** : It sounds like the thermostat is not reading the pipe temperaure right
***** ***** : Can you confirm it is still attached to the pipework?

Yes the pump was still running and i couldn't see a stat


it just wasn't putting out any heat nor moving the mixing valve

***** ***** : was the unit heated, as it should not circulate water unless it is hot enough or you override it

yes it was i left in in auto for a good hour and the pipes went cold


but the hot water still worked

***** ***** : It works like a Powermatic but heats electrically.
***** ***** : Does your model have a pump for heating and one for hot water?

i only saw a pump on the heating

***** ***** : ok, perhaps a recommission may work - page 20 of the manual onwards

also when i opened up the tray there was a relay that would just make and break constantly so there is something that is stopping it but there is no information on the web about it


ok ill check it out

***** ***** : ok, let me know how you get on

ok im just looking through the wiring diagram see if i can see anything that might be causing the problem


well i think i just have to speak with their technical department on Monday but thanks for the help

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