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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, HVAC Technician
Category: HVAC
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Experience:  Heating and Controls engineer
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my baxi solo3 pf70 won't ignite, pilot light wont come on! tried to reset as per ins

Customer Question

my baxi solo3 pf70 won't ignite, pilot light wont come on! tried to reset as per instruction, it wont fire up, and pump had bang noise when turn the electrics control off?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Andrew Smith replied 3 years ago.
***** ***** : How far is it getting through the ignition sequence?
***** ***** : Is the fan running?
JACUSTOMER-frp9ovl7- :

not sure about you first Q? bur I when i turn the ignition back 1/2 way, then the fan and boiler light comes on with noise ie running.

***** ***** : Ok, but the 3rd light does not come on?
JACUSTOMER-frp9ovl7- :


JACUSTOMER-frp9ovl7- :

pilot and the burner don't come on.

***** ***** : Ok, the boiler does not know the fan is running
***** ***** : This is what the Air Pressure Switch is for
JACUSTOMER-frp9ovl7- :

seems that way

***** ***** : You should check the tubing from the fan to ensure it is clear and the fan connections also
JACUSTOMER-frp9ovl7- :

sound like dismantling job? how do i do that.?

***** ***** : You need to take the case off first
***** ***** : Do you have the manual?
JACUSTOMER-frp9ovl7- :

need to have a look if I have got it, we had it for 13 years since we installed it.

***** ***** : Try here;
***** ***** :
***** ***** : Download it and save a copy
JACUSTOMER-frp9ovl7- :

will do.

***** ***** : Inside the case, the APS is at the top next to the fan
JACUSTOMER-frp9ovl7- :

I will be working on it on Wed. need to take time off work first, but I will be looking at the manual first, do you suggest something else I might need to check!

***** ***** : No, with no ignition and the fan running, this is the only thing it can be
JACUSTOMER-frp9ovl7- :

Ok thanks for now, will update you.

JACUSTOMER-frp9ovl7- :

do you have an email for contact.

***** ***** : If you just reply to this I will get a notification
JACUSTOMER-frp9ovl7- :

Ok thanks.

***** ***** : No problem, just reply when you take the cover off
JACUSTOMER-frp9ovl7- :

hi again, I have taken the cover off and I have checked the 2 tubes above the fan it seems they are clear put them back and still not firing? as before boiler and fan lights are on but not the pilot nor the burner?

***** ***** : Are yoiu able to blow into the APS with the tube and see if the boiler attempts to light?
***** ***** : It still sounds like a faulty APS
JACUSTOMER-frp9ovl7- :

How much are they?

***** ***** : The APS will set you back about £35
***** ***** : Part number 246054
***** ***** :