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Plumberpro, Mechanical Engineer
Category: HVAC
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Problem with LAndis & Staefa BLC1A

Customer Question

Problem with LAndis & Staefa BLC1A
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Plumberpro replied 3 years ago.

Hi . does the boiler work ok for hot water?

JACUSTOMER-njzekvo9- : Have been using immersion heater for water so not been using it just for hot water. It will fire up intermitantly when we press the reset button on the Rayburn. The display on the Siemens Landis and Staefa BLC1A is flashing Fn: 5 0 with the 5 flashing on and off . Had an appointment at 3.00 I'm afraid but can be in all day tomorrow.

No probs


. I am trying to finfind the install \ set up instructions online . I may have to phone Siemens

JACUSTOMER-njzekvo9- : Unfortunately no answer was given to the problem so will get somone in. Would like money back please

Hi . you didn't actually ask a question, if you read back through what you wrote. I cannot answer a question that hasn't been asked. .what chance did you give me to help you?