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Plumberpro, Mechanical Engineer
Category: HVAC
Satisfied Customers: 634
Experience:  Over 20 years experience in plumbing heating and gas
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Hello dose any one have experience with a froling p1 pellet

I have an error come... Show More
I have an error come up in the display combustion air supply blocked or faltie
And the air supply is not blocked help!!!
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Plumberpro :

Hi , do you have permanent ventilation to outside air?

Customer: Yes I have 2 vents it is in a boiler house as well with open eves for max ventilation
Plumberpro :

Ok . did the boiler reset?

Customer: Yes it went to the heating stage for 5 min the same error
Plumberpro :

Ok, have you checked the flue for blockages

Customer: No I will give me 5 min
Plumberpro :

No probs , I'm in this evening

Customer: Flue is clear
Plumberpro :

Ok . the flue can affect combustion. If there is strong winds and a downdraft . also for the dfluecto be fully effective it has to be hot to achieve a good pull through. It may be best to have the boiler running continuously on minimum during cold weather. How old is the installation?

Customer: I did think that my self It has been windy the past couple of days the installation is 3 weeks old and the company told us it was downdraft but have done nothing about it there is just a rain cowl on the top of the flue at the moment Is the any othere cowls on the market that would help or a draft stabiliser help on the flue ?
Plumberpro :

Is there a down draft diverter on the flue just above the boiler ?

Customer: No nothing
Plumberpro :

Ok. I wonder if the flue was installed well enough . frolling themseles may have a uk rep who would come and check. In the meantime I would try to light it when the wind and try to get the flue hot enough

Plumberpro :

Sorry , meant when the wind is light

Plumberpro :

How long is the flue? Also are you using the fuel recommended. Sure you care but just double checking

Customer: Thank you for your help I just wanted someone to confirm what I thought the flue was faulty I think there should have been a down draft diverter fitted
Plumberpro :

Your welcome . all the best

Customer: Merry Xmas