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Andrew Smith
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. i have a Vaillant boiler which has not given me any

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. i have a Vaillant boiler which has not given me any trouble in seven years just recently i have had no hot water, i thought at first it was due to the cold weather we recently had and it would reset itself. nothing still happened so i thought if i turned the boiler off and on again this might help, the water was hot few minutes and went cold again, i do not know what model my boiler is but 0/l is one of the symbols that is on and the symbol that looks like a hourglass keeps flashing. i have to use my kettle to get hot water at the moment but would like to get my boiler working again. Michael
***** ***** : Can you confirm the heating is still working?
***** ***** : Will the hot water fire up if you run 2 hot taps?
***** ***** : Put the boiler on hot water only and tell me if the fan runs when you run the hot tap?
***** ***** : Also it depends if you have a combi or you have a hot water cylinder?
JACUSTOMER-5xwplkb2- :

Andrew. the heating used to be on a timer and come on and off but stopped working, so no the heating is not working at the moment i think it can be reset but have not tried to as its linked to a thermostat. i was still getting hot water with the heating off, i ran the hot taps and put the hot water on only, but still no hot water just cold water or fan on and the same lights on as i described before if i can reply sooner i will otherwise i will reply when i finish work tomarrow evening.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Andrew. i was hopeing to get a reply to the message i left yesterday i carried out all the checks to the boiler you asked me to but with no success i still don,t have hot water and would like to know why this is. i would like to have my hot water restored as soon as possible, but don,t know if the problem is something i can fix or if i have to call someone out, i will check back tomarrow messages. Michael

If it is not working at all;
1. Can you confirm the system pressure?
2. Can tell me if the boiler has any flashing lights?
3. If there is a display, what is it showing?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The pressure gauge is 0 to 3 and is showing 0 the only lights on the display panel are all symbols so the three that are on is symbol that looks like a shower head comes on when water is running and goes off when water is turned off, the other symbol is O/l and is currently on and the last is the symbol that looks like a hourglass which keeps flashing.

Are you able to repressurise the boiler?
Take it up to about 1.5bar and let me know what happens
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

no. i cannot do anything to re-start the pressure as the gauge is behide glass and cannot be touched, the lights are still on like i have mentioned already the problem is with the boiler itself i think, its been like this and i just need to know what to do iam getting tired of useing the kettle water. MB

To fill the system there will be a silvflexible pipe - can you locate it?