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Plumberpro, Mechanical Engineer
Category: HVAC
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Experience:  Over 20 years experience in plumbing heating and gas
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I have a Ferroli Optimax 31C HE Recently had a new fan and

I have a Ferroli Optimax... Show More
I have a Ferroli Optimax 31C HE
Recently had a new fan and running fine - tonight all we have is an A4 lockout code. Engineer cannot get over until Friday.
Can this code be cleared as I read that it's caused by 3 F7 errors withing 24 hrs.
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Plumberpro :

Flue gas temperature too high.if you have changed the fan , checked the flue for blockages , make sure the burner is clean to ensure full air flow, then probably worth replacing the flue temp stat. To clear the fail code , turn power to the boiler off for 10 mins, then back on

Customer: Thanks - yes the engineer and manual said that the flue temp was high and has locked us out with this code and I'm not technical to take the thing apart but will take a look for blocks.The code will not clear at all and I've tried the reset button and some combinations posted elsewhere, it's been off all night and on start up A4 flashes.Is there not a hard reset to clear the memory?
Plumberpro :

Have you tried the rest button?

Plumberpro :

Below the power button

Customer: The two rubber buttons on the front? Yes they do nothing, keeps showing A4
Plumberpro :

Ok ,in he manual it does say some fault codes won't go till the error is fixed . I would definitely change the flue temp stat first , as it will be relatively cheap.