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We have a large Victorian house with conventional heating system

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We have a large Victorian house with conventional heating system - hot and cold storage tanks and feeder/expansion tank for hot water tank. We are replacing our boiler with a Worcerster Bosch boiler. One plumber has quoted for a Greenstar 30ri system boiler (not regular) and one for a 30 cdi classic conventional boiler. Can a system boiler be used in a conventional system and if so are their any advantages or problems to doing this?
Hi , a system boiler can be used in a conventional system, with a few minor changes.
The central heating heDer tank would be removed as the system would be filled up via the mains cold pipe.
The advantages are one less tank in the loft to worry about, and if there was ever a leak on the heating the damage would be lessened as the water wouldn't continue flowing into the system through the header tank , but would be limited to what was in the system.
If you have a large amount of pipework and radiators ( over 10) you may need an additional expansion vessel to contain the expanded water when the water heats up ( the boiler would have one ,but only big enough for small to medium systems).
If you are having a big change, I would look at adding an unvented water tank, which is fed from the mains instead of the cold water storage tank,that way you would loose all the tanks in the loft ,unvented tank run at much higher pressure, so better for showers, with no pump.
But back to your original system boiler would be fine.
One last suggestion. If the boiler is in the kitchen , why not make it a combi and use it to give instant hot water to your sink
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Boiler in basement and feeds 13 radiators. Plumber made no mention of changing tank system and has not quoted for this. So is system boiler still appropriate without other changes you've mentioned?

If your plumber was going to quote to fit a system boiler , this work would have to be included in the work, so I would think it would be included in the price .you could inquire what would happen to the heating header tank. The answer you should get is, that will be capped off
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