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I am renting a flat with VERY old Dimplex storage heaters.

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I am renting a flat with VERY old Dimplex storage heaters. I need to know how to efficiently use them. My first electric bill is sky high and I thought I was using them conservatively. It is manual with "Room Temp Boost" and "Input" dials on the top of the unit and dials go 1-9. On the front there is an on/off switch, along with a dial that goes 1-7. My apartment does have day and night meters. I just need help in how to set all these dials to have efficient heat. Can you help me? Thank you.
The right hand (INPUT) knob should be set at the midway position. If after the fi rst charge period the room temperature is too high or too low, the position of this knob should be moved to a lower or higher position as appropriate. The most suitable position should be found by experience, and the control may be left at this position without further alteration.Normally the left hand (OUTPUT(room temperature boost) knob may be left on minimum (fully anticlockwise). This control may be moved to maximum in the evening if additional heat is required at that time. Return to minimum before retiring.
In the morning, when the core is at its hottest, the amount of heat being transmitted through the insulation and emitted as radiant heat is at its greatest and the heater feels hot over most of its upper outer surfaces. Diagram 2.As the day progresses, heat is transmitted from the heater to the room and the outer surface of the heater becomes less hot and the amount of heat released in this way becomes less.If the amount of emitted heat becomes insuffi cient the output of the heater and thus the room temperature may be increased by means of the Output Control. This control operates a damper fl ap within the heater which, when the output control knob is at minimum, covers vertical airways which pass directly through the centre of the core of the heater. Even when the outer surfaces of the heater are noticeably less hot, the core of bricks can still be at a relatively high temperature. Opening the damper fl ap by moving the output control away from minimum allows the room air to circulate through this hot core and release more heat to the room by convection.
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