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How many miles would brake pads last for on a 2011 i10?

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How many miles would brake pads last for on a 2011 i10?
Hi .

This all depends personal driving style ,terrain , hilly area.etc .

Original pads or aftermarket .

But normally a new set of original brake pads sould avarage 30,000 to 70,000 miles
as said personal driving style is the key factor .

Then you have types of pads used .

  • Organic: Made from non-metallic fibers bonded into a composite material. The material is then treated with friction modifiers including graphite, powdered metals and even nutshells. Fillers are added to reduce noise and to affect heat transfer, among other factors.
  • Semimetallic: This pad is a mix of organic material and metals -- ranging from steel and iron to copper -- molded and bonded to form the pad. These pads are harder and more resistant to heat.
  • Metallic: This material, formed of a variety and mix of pressure bonded metals, was once used extensively in racing. Advances in organic and semimetallic pad composition have made metallic pads almost obsolete.
  • Synthetic: This is what is often referred to as ceramic pads. These pads are made from a composite of non-organic and nonmetallic material, usually fiberglass and aramid fibers. These pads weigh about half the weight of the average pad, they are stronger, have better cold and hot stopping power and they last much longer than the average pad. They also cost about twice as much.
The organic pads are most likely the best stopping pads, but have a much lower life span.

If you are in a city and is quite hilly area then pads will last around 25-35.000miles

If you need further assistance with this issue then please let me, get back to me with the reply button and not the poor or bad service, this way i can get back to you or suggest another expert if needed.

Kind regards Greg
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