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Hyundaii 110 bought ex demonstrator in November 2014. HAd

Customer Question

Hyundaii 110 bought ex demonstrator in November 2014. HAd to get battery charged in December and then got replaced under warranty in JAnuary. Told me it was the cold.
Tied again this week after not using for 5 days.
Garage told me they had checked alternator etc but just wonder if they put on cherge for 3 days and tell me they have changed.
Bought from Hyundai garage in Croydon
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Hyundai
Expert:  Robert replied 2 years ago.


It would be impossible for anyone to determine whether they have just left the car on charge rather than change the battery unless the battery itself looks physically new in appearance,normally the life span of most batteries is between 2 upto 5 years - because the battery seems to discharge over that long period of time suggest the alternator wouldnt likely be a fault would expect at least if the alternator was faulty the battery light coming on pretty soon after/during use - what they need to test for is the battery condition..if its new then they can probably rule that out..which means the next step they need to asertain is whats drawing voltage from the battery when it shouldnt be - its quite involved as its means basically going thorugh ever circuit/fuse everything off to see which circuit is at fault.once identifed then what ever component is on that circuit would need to be checked out - of course obvious things like interior lights/boot lights/glovebox/radio is off.all need to be inspected to ensure none of them are left on..but the next step usually is to test each circuit to narrow down......