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indy-tech, Import tech
Category: Hyundai
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I have a 1.6 s coupe and the engine warning light is permanently

Customer Question

I have a 1.6 s coupe and the engine warning light is permanently on the dash display. Had this problem intermittently about a year ago. A diagnostic was done and the faults re-set. went problem free until now What do you suggest?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Hyundai
Expert:  indy-tech replied 2 years ago.
Hi .
Do you know what they reset ,
what the code was back then .
Let me explain a little about this check engine light ..
When this light comes ON when the engine is running then this means the management system that is controlling the fuel injection and emission system has encountered a malfunction with one of the sensors that send out information to the management system.
Now what you have to do is hook up a diagnostic scan tool or a code reader and check for malfunction codes.
Now from the malfunction codes you will know what has tripped on the check engine light.
Now with the malfunction codes all we have to do is decode them so we know what is causing us the problem you are having .
Example Code P0301 is a misfire code on cylinder "1" Now this could be a few things like a bad spark plug ,bad fuel injectors , bad coil , or low compression .
Now you may have the same problem as last time or it could be something else causing the check engine light to come on ,Code check will confirm.
You need to get to a shop with the right tools to check this for you
and get the malfunction codes to see what your problem is.
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This way i can get back to you or suggest another expert if needed.
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Kind regards Greg.