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My question is I have just come back from China where I

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My question is I have just come back from China where I married a Chinese lady my question is about my wife coming to live with me in England and I am very worried about this I understand although I'm not too sure what I need for my wife to come and live with me in England I believe they require me to have a salary of £18600 a year for my wife to be granted a location Visa although I'm not sure about this I wonder is this before tax or after-tax I am a pensioner living on state pension benefit I do own my own home my pension at the moment is approximately £270 a week this includes this disability living allowance etc I would be grateful for any solid information you can supply me with because I am a pensioner and cannot afford to pay a lawyer or solicitor to help me with this problem so I am asking you desperately can you please help and is there someone would help me for free I do not think the citizens advice bureau would know these things so please please please can you help me thank you so much yours sincerely ***** *****

Thanks for your question.
If you are in receipt of disability living allowance benefit avail yourself of the exemption afforded to applicants.
This means that you will not have to show that you have an annual income of the threshold amount. Instead, you only have to show that you can support yourself without the need to access public funds, so if you own your own home only have to show that your income tell me you're living expenses for you and your wife.
If your wife is the work in the u k then you should also says that there are jobs near here that she can do can she has the qualifications for these.
if this is useful please kindly rate my answer as okay service or above, if you do not the i do not receive any credit for the time taken to answer your question.
Kind regards
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

thank you tom but i need more about the exemption afforded to applicants ......i get benefit from the gov is this public funds? and how much money do i need for the support of me and my wife to get the visa please please help if you can thank you tom my phone nuber is XXXXXXXXXXX if you ring i will call you back
Thank you to Thank you Thank you Thank U John Do

We cannot make profit contacts with customers under the terms and conditions of this site so I cannot call you.
Receipt of the benefits that you refer to from the government is precisely what you need to show in order to get the exemption. Therefore provided you are able to show with documentary evidence relating to putting the benefits and your bank statements that you do receive the money then you will get the exemption.
In terms of meeting the financial requirements apart from the salary threshold you simply have to show that you can support and accommodate yourself without claiming further public fund. This means that you will have to show that you own property by downloading land registry official copies and also show a budget confirming that you can eat a day to day expensesonce she arrives here.
Please kindly rate my answer. I have to go out for the day in about an hour so if you have any further replies of this time I will answer when I return in the evening.
Kind regards
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

thank you tom please till me how much will i need to show for me and my wife to live on day to day wot is the limet? ..... thank you tom

You simply need to show that you can meet your day to day expense. Previously this was not informally about 9k GBP but there was an element of flexibility.
You will probably be fine if you own your own your own home and can show that your income can meet your expenses.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hello Tom Are youtom you must geve me more information i put ok but not verry good tom i need help not just out of a book tell me wot i need tom tell me more or not ps happy xams mike

I will respond shortly
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

simply tom ? no

tell me all i need to no i have payd for this {a fall answer} on

immiqration law for me and my wife yes or no ? tom

Hi Mike
I have provided you with a full answer. This is a general legal question and answer site. If you require specific legal advice then you should instruct a solicitor local to you.