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Category: Immigration Law
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I have a Cuban friend who is temporary resident in Norway.

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I have a Cuban friend who is temporary resident in Norway. The person who is responsible for him (his sponser) no longer wants to do this. Is there any way under european union laws that I could take on this responsibility and bring him to the UK.

Are you in a relationship with this person?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

No he is a friend of a friend


what nationality are you please?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I am a uk resident (Welsh)


I'm afraid that I cannot see that there is a route by which you getting here legally. European economic area law is not really applicable in this case because your friend is still regarded as cuban for the purpose of the united kingdom's immigration laws.

You are obviuosly a citizen of the united kingdom and therefore if you wish to bring him here you would not be able to do so under european economic area law and would instead have to rely on the visa applications made available under united kingdom immigration rules.

This means that if you wished to bring him here permanently then he would have to be a family member which would mean that you were either married to him or in civil partnership with them. If not married or in a civil partnership you would have to show that you have lived together for a period of two years. Plainly this is not possible if you are not in a relationship with them.

He should see a solicitor in norway to see if he is eligible to retain his right to reside in norway under european economic area law. He maybe. It is worth checking out. If he is and retains his rights he can eventually naturalise as a norwegian citizen, he would then become a member state national of the european economic area and could travel freely within the e e a without restriction..

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