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Good morning Dears,My name isXXXXX and would

Customer Question

Good morning Dears, My name isXXXXX and would like to have information on how to regain a British Passport or regain British citizenship. I can provide you with the following information: 1) Name as on birth certificate - Lorraine Marina Antoinette Rodrigues 2) Date of birth : 18 June 1957 3) Place of birth: Dar-es-Salaam, Tanganyika (Tanzania) 4) Nationality at the time of birth: British Subject 5) Parents nationality at the time of birth: British Subjects In 1964 when Tanzania attained independence, my parents renounced British citizenship and opted for Tanzanian citizenship and in 1973 migrated to India and later attained Indian citizenship. As on date I hold an Indian passport. I live and work in the United Arab Emirates and I am keen to regain British citizenship. I do have with me cancelled passports of my parents which would serve as proof of their being British Citizens and hope this serve as a criteria to apply for a British passport. Can you please advise on this matter.


My query is to only enquire as to whether there is a particular form that I need to complete and what are the requirements. I do not wish to be a subscriber. An email mentioning the requirements will be useful.


With thanks and regards, Lorraine



Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Immigration Law
Expert:  cityguru replied 4 years ago.
Lorraine I am afraid you have no rights. Historically everyone who was a citizen of a colony or a commonwealth country was a British Subject. Generally citizens were know as Citizens of the UK and colonies. When commonwealth countries became independent then UK citizens did not renounce their citizenship but simply ceased to be UK citizens if and when they became citizens of the newly independent country.
Since Nationality law changed in the 1980's such persons and their descendants have no claim to British Citizenship as it is now known.