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SA citizen with actual birth certificate of grandfather born

Customer Question

SA citizen with actual birth certificate of grandfather born in UK would like to apply for UK ancestry.
We are concerned as we think she might be decline based on her being 63 years of age, going on 64 years later this year, 2013.
Reason for wanting to come over on ancestry is to work as a childminder for daughters, both of whom are settled in the UK.
One is a British Citizen and the other has indefinite leave to remain.
Both daughters have children. Mum has worked as a carer, but is not a registered child minder. She is however their grandmother.
Would it be possible for both daughters to employ her to work as their child minder?
Accommodation and bills and food are included.
Please tell us what the short falls are or if you have any questions in advance of being able to answer.
Perhaps you can share what sort of things we should consider in order to make her application a strong / convincing one
Mum is currently in UK visiting but returning from hols on 17 June and then would like to make her application for UK ancestry. It is a lot of money and we do not wish to waste money she can’t afford to lose only to be told that she is too old and they decline her visa.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Immigration Law
Expert:  UKSolicitorJA replied 4 years ago.

The only age limit applicable is that the applicant be over 17 years of age, the fact that she is 63 or 64 WILL NOT be held against her.

The other criteria is that the applicant is able to work and plans to work in the UK and is able to support and accomodate herself without using public funds. The fact that accomodation and food costs will be provided means she meets the latter criteria.

If the children are above 8 years, there is no need to register as a child minder, whether or not she is a grandparent and there is no need to register if the children are being looked after in their own home.

For purposes of the application, evidence of a letter from the applicant's children offering her paid employment (payment should be at least national minimum wage), working hours, location of work etc. should be lodged with the application. The letter also needs to state that accomodation and meals will be provided and that there is adequate accomodation e.g. her own room in a 4 bed room house.

It is actually a straightforward application route and far less complicated than other routes.

Hope this helps . Please leave feedback and we can discuss further if need be.