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Hi I have already asked a few questions about this, but here

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Hi I have already asked a few questions about this, but here goes. How can an American stay for more than three months in Spain, we are renting a house there we are retired we have money and we would possibly like to stay and rent the house for five months. Could we in fact stay the alotted time of three months, then go out of the country for a few weeks say to France and then go back again into Spain for a further couple of months ?
The information you need can be found here:

Use Google Chrome browser and it will automatically be translated.

If you have entered with a visa you can extend for a further period. If you did not get a visa but were allowed to enter on visa waiver you can still make a request but the chances are lower.

I would expect there to be an excellent chance of being allowed to stay longer and continue contributing to the local economy - just show available funds and ideally a return ticket booked!
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes I understand that, but I just want to know that if we say take a trip from Spain to France at the end of the three months for a couple of weeks, can we then just go back into Spain at the end of our two weeks in France and say stay for a further couple of months in Spain

I have no way of knowing what you do or do not know other than the information you provide to me.

You can try to do what you have suggested and you might be successful or you might be turned away - it entirely depends on border control and how they feel on that day. If you do as suggested and organise the additional time in advance then you should have no problems coming back into Spain.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Would you be able to supply me with details of what we would have to provide for a visa in the way of paperwork

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Relist: Other.
I asked as an American citizen what information is required and what papers would be needed to apply for a Spanish Visa
As I said in an earlier response, you primarily need to show available funds and a return ticket to show you will leave. Being an American citizen is of no relevance to an application. I also provided a link earlier to an official page that made clear the process for extending when in Spain.